We as women face a plethora of dilemmas throughout our lives, but one of the biggest issues we all seem to be facing is body shaming. Whether it is on the Internet, over the phone, or in person there is always someone who has something to say about how our bodies appear and how we should look. All women should be encouraged to feel comfortable in their own skin and not be shamed for what they were born with . I have collected five articles that give more insight to body shaming in the hopes that every single women sees themselves for the beautiful individuals they are.

This first article I tracked down is from the Huffington Post and talks about seven reasons why body shaming has gotten old and just needs to be ended. The female author of this article has a powerful tone behind her writing and her reasoning.


The second article is from MS Magazine and discusses the future of feminism and why ALL women deserve to be free from body shaming and stereotyping.

Future of Feminism: Freedom from Body Shaming, Regardless of Size

This third article is from CNN and highlights that women of all sizes, even though we consider to be “skinny” are being body shamed and brings to light that we all need to stick together.


The fourth article is from Daily Mail out of the United Kingdom and has testimony from a fitness fanatic about why body shaming is intolerable and should be labeled as a hate crime.


The fifth article is from Beauty Redefined and digs deep to explain how body shaming affects women and girls psychologically and physically.

Body Shame on You


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